The name Delfzijl means zijl (= lock) in the Delf (= the former name of the Damsterdiep canal). The port of Delfzijl has a long history. Delfzijl dates back to the thirteenth century when a lock was built in the Delf. The port of Delfzijl was mentioned in various maritime publications as far back as the 16th century. Throughout the years it was visited by various fleets, including those of Prince Maurits, Piet Hein with the “Spanish treasure fleet” and Michiel de Ruyter. In later years a canal was dug to create a navigable link with the city of Groningen – the Eemskanaal.

The discovery of salt and natural gas in Groningen’s soil led to the development of a large chemical cluster close to the port of Delfzijl. In the second half of the twentieth century the Dutch government designated the current Eems delta region, where Delfzijl is located, a development pool for the economic development of and access to the Northern Netherlands. One of the most important effects of this designation was the building of the deep-sea port near Delfzijl, which began in 1968. When the construction of the port was completed in 1973, industrial expansion fell behind as a result of the economic crisis. This impeded the development of the industrial site in Delfzijl, but now these unused sites are providing room for new developments.


The chemical sector is one of the most important industries in Delfzijl. About 15% of the Netherlands’ overall production of chemicals is generated in the chemical cluster in Delfzijl. Delfzijl has everything required to develop into tomorrow’s circular hot spot, whilst energy and logistics also play an important role.
Foreign companies in Delfzijl

A large number of foreign companies are located in Delfzijl. Lubrizol Advanced Materials Resin, Evonik, ESD-SIC, ChemCom Industries, DOW Benelux, Teijin Aramid, PPG Industries Chemicals, Zeolyst, Klesch Aluminium Delfzijl and EEW Energy from Waste are some examples of foreign companies with a site in Delfzijl.


It goes without saying that many Dutch companies have chosen to locate in Delfzijl. AkzoNobel, OCI, Delesto, Royal Wagenborg Group, Royal Niestern Sander, Wijnne Barends, Reym and Eneco have been doing business in Delfzijl for many years.


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