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One of Groningen Seaports’ strengths is the excellent accessibility, as well by water, by rail, by road, as by inland waterway connections. Both ports are strategically located within North West Europe, between the mainports Rotterdam and Hamburg. The attainability of the ports is outstanding with a considerable depth. Due to the uncongested roads, uncongested ports, and e cient logistics there are hardly any waiting times. Delfzijl and Eemshaven are directly connected via the N33 and the N46 to the Dutch road network.The ports also have a connection to the Dutch rail network. Groningen Airport Eelde is located in the direct vicinity of the ports and a heliport is under development.


The Masterplan Utilities Eemsdelta concentrates on the development of collective utilities in the Eemsdelta up to 2030. This is based on the conviction that it is possible to further optimise the consumption of energy and raw materials in the Eemsdelta. Costs will be reduced, environmental performance improved and sustainable business operations will be encouraged. This is good for the business and establishment climate. The masterplan sets out the opportunities for the development of utilities and paves the way for the utility organisation that will be coordinating this. Five opportunities are already under preparation or are regarded as being promising in the short term:

  1. The large scale replacement of drinking water with industrial water. The most important source is Akzo Nobel Salt. This will make 1 million m3 of water a year suitable for recycling.
  2. Extending the Oosterhorn steam circuit in order to use over 4 million tons of steam a year from several (sustainable) sources at companies that currently produce steam themselves using natural gas.
  3. The development of Green Grid in Oosterhorn, a gas network (H2 and syngas) that will lead to a saving of 70 million m3 of natural gas a year.
  4. The development of a Buizenzone (pipeline zone) that connects Eemshaven and Delfzijl.
  5. The development of a direct 400 MW high voltage electricity connection with Germany (Direct Line).




business manager
recycling & waste management
E-mail: s.koers@groningen-seaports.com
Phone: +31 (0)6 206 112 55

business manager chemicals
E-mail: h.kats@groningen-seaports.com
Phone: +31 (0)6 4630 4274


Norlines – Cargo liner service Norway – Eemshaven v.v.
Eemshaven – Kirkenes (N) and approx. 30 other ports in Norway (weekly)
Agent: Sealane

Spliethoff Container liner service Eemshaven – USA
Eemshaven – Jacksonville/Baltimore (USA) (weekly)
Agent: Wijnne Barends

Scan Shipping liner service Norway – Eemshaven
Eemshaven – Aalborg – Oslo/Mandal – Alta – Eemshaven (every 10-14 days)
Agent: Scan-Shipping Bergen A/S


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